A long night and not much to do

Well actually I was working all night on post processing some photographs…and my mind started to wander…so I took a break and brewed a cup of lemon zinger herbal tea…it is one of my go to teas when feeling tired and under the weather…and after having spent a couple hours out in the cold mid 40s temperatures watching rugby in the afternoon…lemon zinger it was as well as cooking up a nice pot of cioppino…lots of hot liquids for me
As I prepared my tea I was thinking of a song and thinking of my Mom… I remember as a child her singing a song about little boxes made out of ticky tacky…to me back then ticky tacky was kind of fun…but any way I found out the song is titled Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds…a folk singer/blues singer/activist…it is a great song about conformity…something she seemed to not be a big fan of…If you are interested in hearing her song head over to youtube and put in Malvina Reynolds…but if you just put in Little Boxes…you will get Malvina as well as Pete Seegers version of it…so I watched Malvina sing it…and I watched Pete sing it…and did then somehow it ended up in a jam session with Malvina…Pete Seeger and Ramblin Jack Elliot…so I didn’t know Jack Elliott so I had to youtube search him as well…watched him sing mule skinner blues and then a song called Portland Town…pretty hard hitting song that last one.

So now my belly satisfied…my picture making nearly done…and learned some American music history…time to go to sleep…my mind no longer wandering just thinking about ticky tacky little boxes…I knew I wouldn’t be dreaming about running from zombies all night or being teleported through a wormhole

And in the morning I awoke well rested


Some Things I DO NOT Understand

Went down to see some amateur ice hockey the other day . Junior varsity playoff high school hockey . Peter’s Township against North Allegheny . Peter’s won and they deserved the win . But what I do not understand is how you cannot say …boo…to an official …or question a call at the risk of being thrown out of the venue . Yet the official does nothing when a Peter’s player spits on the opponent…and not just on him…but in his face…and  not just in his face…but it ended up in his mouth . I can’t think of a more demeaning act and one of cowardice . It happened right in front of the refs…yes both of them and they called nothing . This zero tolerance policy is a bunch of cucka . They say the rules are in place to protect the children…really . I met one of the founding fathers of SHAHA and said he rode the refs all the time…and this was before zero tolerance . But today he says…so many refs …cannot keep up with the game …They can’t skate…so they don’t see a lot of what is happening.
Anyway after Peter’s won 3- 0…I wandered over to the other rink to see the progress of the Seneca Valley v Central Catholic game .  And as I am standing there…players for Peter’s Township walk in and I see the name Sabol on the back of one of  the jerseys …I recognize him as the …Spitter…and he is wearing the …C….yes as in captain of the team .

I walk over to him and in a calm manner tell him in so many words as being the captain of his team he sets a pretty poor example by spitting in the face of the opponent…that was all I said…and as I turned to leave…I heard him …in a nervous quivering voice say…thank you…I know I caught him off guard . Watching him play the game he plays it well and plays hard .I just wanted him to know he had crossed the line .

Since the refs did nothing about it…and the PIHL did nothing about it…I did…maybe it was not my place…but something needed to be said…and talking about the PIHL…well that is another story for another day

Things I Think

I don’t really watch TV…but I have it on frequently for background noise…other times I listen to the radio…sometimes on my echo dot but she doesnt always play what I want because of contractual agreements…like I am listening to 93.7 the fan….I can listen to it but if a pirates game comes on I cant listen to the game …so I switch on my 30 year old rca radio…thestation kind of fades in and out sometimes but that just takes me back to my transistor radio days. Listening to baseball is like nothing else . The sound of the crowd is soooo calming to me on the radio. I am sure I fell asleep to thousands of baseball games listening to it on my transistor radio under my pillow as I lay in bed in the warm attic and the box fan blowing on high

I like commercials…the State Farm renters insurance commercial where the woman buys the suede couch…because it is so her…she has to have it…and next scene two burglars in her apartment saying basically the same lines is award deserving.

Really isnt it time for Flo of Progressive to say goodbye…and I was so glad to see that Wendys girl go away…when they had her singing that was just jump the shark…and who runs the KFC campaign…probably some of the most tragic commercials out there…how many colonels are you going to put out there ?

I have to admit it…there is only one show I try to catch every week…and it is… Supergirl…I like the character development…the twists and turns and how it reflects what is going on in our own real world .
These food services such as Home Chef and Blue apron…are not cheaper than going to my grocery store despite what they want you to think…not only that…their recipes can be time consuming . Besides I like going to the store…and I am not crazy about the idea of getting my dinner in the mail.

My one new years resolution is to learn to make bread . I was never successful before at making it and from my new found bread making skills I have learned patience . I think those who receive a driving ticket for road rage or aggressive driving should have to take  a course and in order to pass they need to make a good loaf of bread .

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Well it is that time of year when for one day we are all to be Irish .
And as it turns out St Patrick is not Irish himself …but a Britain who was captured by Irish pirates and enslaved as a keeper of sheep . This is where his love of God and Christ started .

Patrick is credited with driving all the snakes out of Ireland…I guess that is easy to do since there never were any snakes in Ireland .

Nevertheless he did escape his captors and made his way home only to return to Ireland to spread Christianity

March the 17th supposedly marks the day Patrick died . And so we celebrate that day at least those of us who choose so …Irish or not…to drink green beer and eat corned beef and cabbage
I on the other hand will make a fishermans pie

Has my favorite version but I still make some changes to it
Instead of spinach I add peas…also I add a mixture of salmon cod and shrimp…and then to the potatoes I add scallions to make it into champ more or less .
Really a great comfort food…and a fish variation on  shepherds  pie
A little Irish soda bread…and some stout cupcakes topped with a baileys irish cream frosting
However you choose to celebrate March 17th…I hope it is a good one
Be well

Galia melon

I like to shop at Trader Joe,s….

Lately in the middle of winter I have been trying some different melons than I usually get.
First I got the bonsai melon…small cantaloupe kind of melon…I don’t think I let it ripen long enough…It did taste like cantaloupe but I did not find it sweeter as I was told it should be…so now I have another bonsai ripening on my kitchen counter .I have been placing them on cookie racks to ripen…I just feel the less surface  in contact with the melon the better.
And that is exactly what I did with the galia melon…ripen it longer until the outside turns yellowish and becomes fragrant.  It is a cross between a honey dew and a cantaloupe . I am not a big fan of  honey dew but I bought this anyway. Mine tasted like a very mild cantaloupe…but what it really tasted like was sugar…This was just so juicy and sweet and was great for my breakfast
If you see this melon…I recommend giving it a try

No Tolerance is Intolerable

Recently attended an amateur ice hockey game . There are signs that say no tolerance…family friendly entertainment . Actually I understand the policy . Sometimes fans get overzealous and a fracas can happen .


But at this game a penalty was called…for hitting from behind…it did happen…but it was more of a shove…and in my opinion a ticky tack call .

Then against the same team  another penalty was called .A parent called out…Come on be fair….and another said…which one is yours . The referee gave a warning to the first parent .Banter went on for 15 seconds between the two…and then the ref booted the parent from watching the game .

The referees argument was that the parents are biased and cannot have an objective point of view .And they the referees are there for the safety of the children playing hockey .

I have been at games where one parent is sitting next to another parent…and just make a comment to one another…like…didn’t he hit him from behind ? The comment was not directed at the ref…it was just a conversation…but…the ref heard it…turned to the conversationalist and said….I hear you one more time and you are out of here . To me these refs are thin skinned…they are getting paid for this…unless they are being brutally berated they should just suck it up . No one is calling the ref names…just a simple comment and they are being faced by ejection.   Name calling and vulgarity should not be tolerated…but just a simple comment…PLEASE !


But any way after being down 2 nothing the Foxes came back to tie the game 2 to 2…then the Rink rats scored on a power play…3   to …2…Foxes come back and tie it up…and then take the lead 4…3


Rink rats pull their goalie…and with about 30 seconds remaining in the 3rd period one of the Fox players has the puck near the boards…he is hit from behind…not only is he hit from behind but he is charged…no penalty called…A Fox player then cross checks the rat…and did a penalty is called 5 seconds later .Soooo what about protecting our children….why did you not call the hitting from behind penalty ?..why did you not call the charging penalty ? I thought you are there to protect our children .



All I ask is …just be consistant


Just a few images from the game


Good Morning

It has been a great birthday weekend…thanks to everyone who made it so nice…thanks for the phone calls… taking me to the ice rink…and feeding me…and for all the gifts…and that orchid I showed you in bud…four of them were open or opening this morning…also thanks to Sammy for being such a good companion…We have been a team for one year now.

From Dogsuits toDonuts

Woke up to a bit of snow flurries…I am loving it…It is January…snow is supposed to happen


Missed out on a nice piece of furniture sitting on a curb…Received a call last night informing me of the piece on the curb…It was late…It figured I would get it in the morning…I got there a little after 7…the piece was gone…moral…YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE

Did a little agility with Sammy this morning…first time he did 6 obstacles in a row…he is smarter than I give him credit . I put a light jacket on him before we went out . Some veterinarians say dogs don’t need coats…others say…not so…If you have a small dog…short haired dog…a terrier…dog with very little body fat…have joint or health issues

Your dog will benefit by wearing a sweater or jacket


So I had Sammy wearing his fleece jacket from Voyagers K9 Apparel…they make breed specific clothing…so Sammy being  rat terrier…really does require a special fit . This fleece by Voyagers is so so soft…and easy on …easy off…I also use it with a neck gaiter…Voyagers calls it a hoodie…but on rainy days I can pull it up over his ears and covers his neck…and he stays dry…I really like this company…nice quality



Sometimes if we are going for a longer walk…35 degrees and breezy I like to put his Ruff wear jacket on him…it is water repellant as well…it does cover much of him but not his hind legs and it is fleece lined…I got mine at REI…my favorite store


And on really cold days…I put on his onesy…it is fleece lined…covers front and rear legs…zippers underneath…and there is an opening for elimination purposes

It comes from k9 topcoats.com….I have used them for years…top quality…actually all garments I mention are top quality…I did not use a hair remover  lint remover when I photographed…rat terriers shed…a lot




And now for some donuts




I make baked donuts…in little donut pans…if you choose to make them…use a piping bag to fill the pans

My favorite recipe comes from King Arthur Flour…check out their Web page…If you like to bake…they are a great help…great recipes…great products…and you can even give them a call and they are so glad to help and see you succeed…donuts 3 ways…is their recipe I use…the coconut chocolate ones and the cinnamon sugar coated ones are from the same recipe…After baking them…I dip them in a little melted butter and then roll in cinnamon sugar…these just melt in my mouth…and these have the texture of a real fried donut…If you make these and they don’t have the right texture…it is all your fault…I make these a lot and they always come out perfectly.


I don’t know why I use other recipes…I made these chocolate donuts that I found on pinterest…but the consistancy is not right…and it was lacking of taste…luckily I read reviews…I added some baking powder ..some salt…and  espresso powder…plus I made my own glaze…which simply is 1T karo…and  double shot of freshly brewed espresso and enough powder sugar to make a glaze to the consistancy of your liking


Also made from Sally’s Baking Addiction her maple donuts…which is a slightly spiced donut topped with a maple and butter glaze…the glaze is very sweet and buttery and yummy…make sure you use a dark maple syrup…the flavor will be better and cut down on the sweetness…That is at least how I feel about it


Have a great weekend everyone


Late breakfast

Was up early…briefly as Alexa sounded the alarm…then went back to sleep for another 30 minutes…gave my partner Sammy a belly rub…he is a rat terrier…and did some things quickly…watered my zygopatelum which I actually now have in bud…there are 10 buds on it…hopefully they survive…had a white mold on the plant…had to spray with fungicide…but all seems well…I have always bought orchids in flower , Spike or bud…and I was never able to get them to bloom again…I decided to change that…I bought a couple led grow lights that were specifically designed to grow Marijuana…and so far I now have a phal and a zygopatelum in bud…I am stoked


Also fed my sourdough starter and checked on a 9 gallon aquarium that I filled last night to check for leaks…I was pleasantly surprised the tank is in fine shape…it is going to be the home of my new betta



I Then took Sammy for a 28 minute walk…came home and fed him and then put 3 different garments on him for a future blog blog post



Finally settled down to a cafe latte and slightly overdone reduced fat cheese omelet


That’s it for now…things to do