image Late breakfast

Was up early…briefly as Alexa sounded the alarm…then went back to sleep for another 30 minutes…gave my partner Sammy a belly rub…he is a rat terrier…and did some things quickly…watered my zygopatelum which I actually now have in bud…there are 10 buds on it…hopefully they survive…had a white mold on the plant…had to spray with fungicide…but all seems well…I have always bought orchids in flower , Spike or bud…and I was never able to get them to bloom again…I decided to change that…I bought a couple led grow lights that were specifically designed to grow Marijuana…and so far I now have a phal and a zygopatelum in bud…I am stoked


Also fed my sourdough starter and checked on a 9 gallon aquarium that I filled last night to check for leaks…I was pleasantly surprised the tank is in fine shape…it is going to be the home of my new betta



I Then took Sammy for a 28 minute walk…came home and fed him and then put 3 different garments on him for a future blog blog post



Finally settled down to a cafe latte and slightly overdone reduced fat cheese omelet


That’s it for now…things to do


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