No Tolerance is Intolerable

Recently attended an amateur ice hockey game . There are signs that say no tolerance…family friendly entertainment . Actually I understand the policy . Sometimes fans get overzealous and a fracas can happen .


But at this game a penalty was called…for hitting from behind…it did happen…but it was more of a shove…and in my opinion a ticky tack call .

Then against the same team  another penalty was called .A parent called out…Come on be fair….and another said…which one is yours . The referee gave a warning to the first parent .Banter went on for 15 seconds between the two…and then the ref booted the parent from watching the game .

The referees argument was that the parents are biased and cannot have an objective point of view .And they the referees are there for the safety of the children playing hockey .

I have been at games where one parent is sitting next to another parent…and just make a comment to one another…like…didn’t he hit him from behind ? The comment was not directed at the ref…it was just a conversation…but…the ref heard it…turned to the conversationalist and said….I hear you one more time and you are out of here . To me these refs are thin skinned…they are getting paid for this…unless they are being brutally berated they should just suck it up . No one is calling the ref names…just a simple comment and they are being faced by ejection.   Name calling and vulgarity should not be tolerated…but just a simple comment…PLEASE !


But any way after being down 2 nothing the Foxes came back to tie the game 2 to 2…then the Rink rats scored on a power play…3   to …2…Foxes come back and tie it up…and then take the lead 4…3


Rink rats pull their goalie…and with about 30 seconds remaining in the 3rd period one of the Fox players has the puck near the boards…he is hit from behind…not only is he hit from behind but he is charged…no penalty called…A Fox player then cross checks the rat…and did a penalty is called 5 seconds later .Soooo what about protecting our children….why did you not call the hitting from behind penalty ?..why did you not call the charging penalty ? I thought you are there to protect our children .



All I ask is …just be consistant


Just a few images from the game



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