gallery Galia melon

I like to shop at Trader Joe,s….

Lately in the middle of winter I have been trying some different melons than I usually get.
First I got the bonsai melon…small cantaloupe kind of melon…I don’t think I let it ripen long enough…It did taste like cantaloupe but I did not find it sweeter as I was told it should be…so now I have another bonsai ripening on my kitchen counter .I have been placing them on cookie racks to ripen…I just feel the less surface  in contact with the melon the better.
And that is exactly what I did with the galia melon…ripen it longer until the outside turns yellowish and becomes fragrant.  It is a cross between a honey dew and a cantaloupe . I am not a big fan of  honey dew but I bought this anyway. Mine tasted like a very mild cantaloupe…but what it really tasted like was sugar…This was just so juicy and sweet and was great for my breakfast
If you see this melon…I recommend giving it a try


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