Happy St Patrick’s Day

Well it is that time of year when for one day we are all to be Irish .
And as it turns out St Patrick is not Irish himself …but a Britain who was captured by Irish pirates and enslaved as a keeper of sheep . This is where his love of God and Christ started .

Patrick is credited with driving all the snakes out of Ireland…I guess that is easy to do since there never were any snakes in Ireland .

Nevertheless he did escape his captors and made his way home only to return to Ireland to spread Christianity

March the 17th supposedly marks the day Patrick died . And so we celebrate that day at least those of us who choose so …Irish or not…to drink green beer and eat corned beef and cabbage
I on the other hand will make a fishermans pie

Has my favorite version but I still make some changes to it
Instead of spinach I add peas…also I add a mixture of salmon cod and shrimp…and then to the potatoes I add scallions to make it into champ more or less .
Really a great comfort food…and a fish variation on  shepherds  pie
A little Irish soda bread…and some stout cupcakes topped with a baileys irish cream frosting
However you choose to celebrate March 17th…I hope it is a good one
Be well


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