Things I Think

I don’t really watch TV…but I have it on frequently for background noise…other times I listen to the radio…sometimes on my echo dot but she doesnt always play what I want because of contractual agreements…like I am listening to 93.7 the fan….I can listen to it but if a pirates game comes on I cant listen to the game …so I switch on my 30 year old rca radio…thestation kind of fades in and out sometimes but that just takes me back to my transistor radio days. Listening to baseball is like nothing else . The sound of the crowd is soooo calming to me on the radio. I am sure I fell asleep to thousands of baseball games listening to it on my transistor radio under my pillow as I lay in bed in the warm attic and the box fan blowing on high

I like commercials…the State Farm renters insurance commercial where the woman buys the suede couch…because it is so her…she has to have it…and next scene two burglars in her apartment saying basically the same lines is award deserving.

Really isnt it time for Flo of Progressive to say goodbye…and I was so glad to see that Wendys girl go away…when they had her singing that was just jump the shark…and who runs the KFC campaign…probably some of the most tragic commercials out there…how many colonels are you going to put out there ?

I have to admit it…there is only one show I try to catch every week…and it is… Supergirl…I like the character development…the twists and turns and how it reflects what is going on in our own real world .
These food services such as Home Chef and Blue apron…are not cheaper than going to my grocery store despite what they want you to think…not only that…their recipes can be time consuming . Besides I like going to the store…and I am not crazy about the idea of getting my dinner in the mail.

My one new years resolution is to learn to make bread . I was never successful before at making it and from my new found bread making skills I have learned patience . I think those who receive a driving ticket for road rage or aggressive driving should have to take  a course and in order to pass they need to make a good loaf of bread .


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