Some Things I DO NOT Understand

Went down to see some amateur ice hockey the other day . Junior varsity playoff high school hockey . Peter’s Township against North Allegheny . Peter’s won and they deserved the win . But what I do not understand is how you cannot say …boo…to an official …or question a call at the risk of being thrown out of the venue . Yet the official does nothing when a Peter’s player spits on the opponent…and not just on him…but in his face…and  not just in his face…but it ended up in his mouth . I can’t think of a more demeaning act and one of cowardice . It happened right in front of the refs…yes both of them and they called nothing . This zero tolerance policy is a bunch of cucka . They say the rules are in place to protect the children…really . I met one of the founding fathers of SHAHA and said he rode the refs all the time…and this was before zero tolerance . But today he says…so many refs …cannot keep up with the game …They can’t skate…so they don’t see a lot of what is happening.
Anyway after Peter’s won 3- 0…I wandered over to the other rink to see the progress of the Seneca Valley v Central Catholic game .  And as I am standing there…players for Peter’s Township walk in and I see the name Sabol on the back of one of  the jerseys …I recognize him as the …Spitter…and he is wearing the …C….yes as in captain of the team .

I walk over to him and in a calm manner tell him in so many words as being the captain of his team he sets a pretty poor example by spitting in the face of the opponent…that was all I said…and as I turned to leave…I heard him …in a nervous quivering voice say…thank you…I know I caught him off guard . Watching him play the game he plays it well and plays hard .I just wanted him to know he had crossed the line .

Since the refs did nothing about it…and the PIHL did nothing about it…I did…maybe it was not my place…but something needed to be said…and talking about the PIHL…well that is another story for another day


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