A long night and not much to do

Well actually I was working all night on post processing some photographs…and my mind started to wander…so I took a break and brewed a cup of lemon zinger herbal tea…it is one of my go to teas when feeling tired and under the weather…and after having spent a couple hours out in the cold mid 40s temperatures watching rugby in the afternoon…lemon zinger it was as well as cooking up a nice pot of cioppino…lots of hot liquids for me
As I prepared my tea I was thinking of a song and thinking of my Mom… I remember as a child her singing a song about little boxes made out of ticky tacky…to me back then ticky tacky was kind of fun…but any way I found out the song is titled Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds…a folk singer/blues singer/activist…it is a great song about conformity…something she seemed to not be a big fan of…If you are interested in hearing her song head over to youtube and put in Malvina Reynolds…but if you just put in Little Boxes…you will get Malvina as well as Pete Seegers version of it…so I watched Malvina sing it…and I watched Pete sing it…and did then somehow it ended up in a jam session with Malvina…Pete Seeger and Ramblin Jack Elliot…so I didn’t know Jack Elliott so I had to youtube search him as well…watched him sing mule skinner blues and then a song called Portland Town…pretty hard hitting song that last one.

So now my belly satisfied…my picture making nearly done…and learned some American music history…time to go to sleep…my mind no longer wandering just thinking about ticky tacky little boxes…I knew I wouldn’t be dreaming about running from zombies all night or being teleported through a wormhole

And in the morning I awoke well rested



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